The history of the domain

Owned by the Famille Pommier family since 1780, the bastide has seen seven generations of farmers take care of the farmer's hillsides and make their mark on the original building. Dated 1630, the central house was bought by Auguste Pommier under Napoleon.


Farm buildings and cellars were added over the generations to give today a typical Provencal charm. Living from a traditional Ardèche polyculture, the estate was very early oriented towards the cultivation of the vine with the elaboration of a quality wine.

The specific culture of silkworms (carried out late nineteenth), add to the bastide typical architectural complements such as silkworm where there are still many chimneys.


It was in 2004 that Rachel and Raphaël Pommier, custodians of this family patrimony, decided to renovate the rooms of the estate. By working with old-fashioned materials, they brought this building back to life while respecting its history and traditions. They propose to you today 5 rooms of hosts with the typical character, in a peaceful and rustic space.

Raphaël POMMIER, the winemaker

He took over from his father and his knowledge in agronomy allowed him to

develop and develop the field.

 Designated as the rebellious winemaker, he affirms his choices and desires

for particularities ...  In 2013, he received the winemaker prize alongside his

coach Richard ROCLE from the Auberge de Montfleury, who received his first Michelin star in 2019 at SIRAH.


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