Juliette, qualified sophrologist, leads you on a soprologic stroll where you'll rejuvenate and recenter yourself in the middle of organic vines.   Wake up your senses then use them to taste wine in a new way.  


Every Wednesday at 6:00pm. 24 € per adult for a 1 hour and 30 minute guided walkk followed by a tating of the Domaine wines and Organic Ardeche munchies !
Information and reservations : 06 89 64 49 67


Winemaker aperitif;  ambling and bucolic

Experience a tasting of 6 wines as you stroll through the vines stopping at 3 locations emblematic to the domaine;  the chapel, the vineyards, and the antique wine cellars.

Every Friday at 6:30.   18€ per adults and 6 € per child (fruit juice)
Information and reservations : 04 75 54 61 41


All year long, come and discover the terroir from inside.  Accompanied by a spelunking guide and an oenology guide, these two worlds meet in a tasting harmony by discovering our wines in absolute darkness - 80 meters underground in the heart of the Grotte de Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche.


The underground hike : 

A meandering route through galleries with underground landcapes draped in concretions of varying sizes, shapes and colors, ornamented with stalagtites, stalagmites.   An historic network of tunnels and caves both natural and cultural await.

Extinguish the lights and taste wine in the absolute darkness and silence of this underground world.

From 7 years old.  Duration about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Adult : 59 €





Zipline under the vines :

Zip through the cavernous depths of the Catherdral gallery in almost darkness your frontal lamp  spotlighting the plunging stalagtities and the ribbons of concretions.  


Maybe you could have the chance to experience one of the light and sound shows from a privledged view point- a historic space marked with the sign of one of the fathers of Ardeche spelunking.


Extinguish your lights and experience a blind tasting in the silence of this underground world.


Visits begin at 10 years old.

Duration approximatly 3 hours.

Adult : 65 €


Ride through the heart of the organic vineyards. Simon, a certified biking guide, will lead you through vines and woods, villages and countrysides; along paths known only to him; a merger of sport and senses scattered with winetastings. 

Thursdays at 9:00.

45 € per adult for a 2 hour guided ride on an electric bicycle and a tasting of a seletion of organic wines accompanied by organic Ardéche munchies !

Information and reservations : 0680285017 -

Notre Dame de Cousignac

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